Cranbrook School, Wolgan Valley Celebrating Stage 1 Completion!

Cranbrook School, Wolgan Valley Celebrating Stage 1 Completion!

Congratulations to Cranbrook School, Andrew Burns Architecture and Hines Constructions for reaching practical completion on the school’s new Wolgan Valley campus.

Last week the project team behind the development joined together to celebrate the completion of the first stage of works and a stunning result that will be enjoyed by Cranbrook School students and others for generations to come.

Located in Wolgan Valley near the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Spa & Resort, the amazing surroundings will now become home to students for weeks at a time providing an educational program that will be centred around experience.

At the back of the property via a two kilometre rural track, the beautiful landscape creates a natural bowl close to the Valley’s trademark cliffs.  Two accommodation blocks for students and staff, four camping pads, a commercial kitchen building, long dining table and pizza oven are laid out around a crescent accentuating the landscape’s natural bowl. Whilst connected to the main power grid for services, security, water and waste is sourced and treated onsite resulting in an environmentally responsible development.

The development was designed to allow students to continue their studies via video conferencing back to the Bellevue Hill campus or working locally in the remote campus. In addition, students will also foster their own stewardship of the land and be responsible for acting in their class community to operate components of the campus, from cutting and burning wood for hot water to completing outward-bound activities offered in the local woodland and forest reserve.

The success of the project is due to the strong relationship that has been forged with Cranbrook School, PDS Group, Hines Constructions, Andrew Burns Architects, TTW, JHA and Turf Design to create a high-quality outcome that was delivered on time and within budget.

Our Sydney staff were lucky to take a trip to the valley in September to experience firsthand the incredible work that has been accomplished by the building team and of course our own Project Managers. We are very proud to have been part of such a unique project that will create wonderful memories for many students for years to come.