Insights on the Education Sector

Insights on the Education Sector

As one of the world’s leading education providers, Australian universities are attracting mass numbers of students and talent from around the world due to the:

  • Increase in our universities global rankings;
  • Student experience; and a
  • Focus on creating, commercialising and spreading new ideas.


PDS Group has always had a vested interest in, and a measured approach to, ensuring that it offers a diverse range of services in a multitude of sectors. Education is a sector that is gaining momentum, and where demand continues to grow for our Project Management and Superintendent services.

As the number of international students and academics coming to Australia continues to grow, the demand for world class campus environments that are interactive with well-planned campus facilities that enable teaching, learning, research and innovation whilst contributing to the student’s and academic’s overall experience is becoming ever more important.

“With Australia located within the same time zone as 60% of the world’s population, and reinforced by the fact that we are the world’s third most popular destination for education, the country is applying its’ education, research and development skills to ensure it stays at the forefront of key industries critical to national economic growth,” says Pieter van Rensburg, Director.

Ongoing changes in research platforms, technology and OH&S compliance requirements pose challenges in the Education sector, therefore it is imperative for those working within that sector to stay on top of trends and changes.

“PDS Group continues to focus on the Education sector, demonstrated by the recent appointment of Anthony Crevatin, Director based in our Melbourne office, along with the continued leadership from Pieter van Rensburg.  We are incredibly excited to continue establishing and expanding our relationships, nationally, within this sector” says Managing Director, Andrew Fortey.


A Growing Demand for Educational Facilities

PDS Group WA is currently the Project Manager and Superintendent for Curtin University’s Faculty of Sciences & Engineering Facilities Collocation at Bentley Techpark. The “live” project comprises the amalgamation and collocation of several research functions spread across numerous facilities within a bespoke, fit for purpose research facility.

Construction on the project has commenced, with project completion expected in Quarter 3, 2019. “The key challenge of this project is the multi-stage completion and handover, whilst working and maintaining a ‘live environment’ without causing disruption to sensitive research activities within the existing facility.”

In Western Australia, the Education sector accounts for $9.4b of the state’s revenue and this number is steadily rising. As this number continues to grow, so too does the need for facilities to accommodate new and different learning and teaching, training and research requirements.

“Our team in Western Australia has recognised this demand and is spearheading a concentrated effort to establish and expand relationships within universities and institutions with 20% of projects attributed to the Education sector,” says Pieter van Rensburg.

Anthony Crevatin says “Projects in the Education sector often involve the construction of facilities across multiple users including commercial, retail, student accommodation, sport & recreation, public realm and research, to name just a few. Universities today are more like cities and the common element to most projects in the Education sector is that they have complex and diverse stakeholder groups and are undertaken in live operational environments. PDS Group brings knowledge and experience from other sectors which, ultimately, benefits our education clients and their projects.”


Meet Our Education Team

Anthony Crevatin

National Education Lead

Pieter van Rensburg

State Education Lead – WA

Nandor Bartol

State Education Lead – VIC/SA/TAS

Kevin Miksch

State Education Lead – NSW/ACT

Michael Sutherland

State Education Lead – QLD