Demand for Aged Care & Seniors Living Lifestyle Options

Demand for Aged Care & Seniors Living Lifestyle Options

Australia, like most of the developed western world, is in the midst of a socio-demographic realignment with people living longer and the ‘baby boomer’ population moving into retirement.

In recent years there has been a collegiate approach to developing aged care and seniors living facilities as our population grows older and a large segment of our society demands comfortable lifestyle options for their final years. Australia’s developers have stepped into the void to provide a much needed service. In recent years the demand has begun to outstrip supply with the industry having only built 35,000 beds in the past ten years while 83,500 will be needed in the next decade. On top of this, 100,000 people are on waiting lists around Australia for Home Care Packages.

At PDS Group we have seen an increase in demand along the eastern seaboard for our project management expertise in aged care and seniors living.

Our approach is not just thinking about the bricks and mortar but making sure we are initiating management processes that suit our client’s operational approach. “For many, the transition into aged care and seniors living is a sensitive issue. It’s a tremendous change for residents moving from their family home or apartment to an assisted living environment. There is often a perception that residents will lose some of their independence”, says PDS Group Victorian Director, Andrew Buckmaster. “Residents are moving to a structured environment that provides more security, although the way this transition is managed is crucial as it needs to preserve the residents pride and dignity”, says Andrew.

Aveo Norwest – Stage 1

Across the retirement sector we work with our clients as an extension of their business to ensure we deliver in accordance with their customer care philosophies. PDS Group has project managed two highly acclaimed retirement living developments in NSW, the multi-award winning Mark Moran Vaucluse and Aveo Bella Vista. PDS Group NSW Director, Kevin Miksch says the design and disciplines within the construction of aged care and seniors living facilities are specialised and concurs that Australia is a leader in the specific processes of purpose-built accommodation.

“We’re seeing aged care and seniors living being incorporated more as a component of large mixed-use developments specifically around transport hubs. There is also a growing trend for designs that are high rise rather than low rise horizontal”, says Kevin.

Mark Moran Vaucluse

Sol Providore, Mark Moran Vaucluse

While the demand for aged care and seniors living facilities isn’t unique to Australia, we are a leader in the market and at PDS Group we expect our aged care and seniors living sector to grow with our national and international clients.

The Chinese market, also facing a shift in its aged population, is in desperate need of aged care and seniors living services and has turned to the model being utilised in Australia.  This was highlighted when Australia’s aged care / healthcare sector was favourably mentioned in the recent Free Trade Agreement with China.  Developers focussing on the aged care / healthcare sector in Australia are on the cusp of overseas demand, particularly in countries such as Thailand, China, USA and Europe.

As competition heats up, sectors across property, healthcare and government are looking for options to work together to develop aged care and seniors living models that meet the growing demands. In August 2016, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane announced incentives to attract more aged care and retirement facilities to his home town. Incentives included reductions in infrastructure charges by 33 per cent, an increase in the allowable building height by two storeys in select zones and incentives encouraging co-location of facilities on privately owned sport and recreation land.

At PDS Group we are committed to being a leader in development and project management for aged care and seniors living.